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Terahertz imaging has many important potential applications. Due to the failure of Si readout integrated circuits (ROICs) and the thermal mismatch between the photo-detector arrays and the ROICs at temperatures below 40 K, there are big technical challenges to construct terahertz photo-type focal plane arrays. In this work, we report pixel-less photo-type(More)
A method was studied for simultaneous determination of multi-elements in natural colored cotton by microwave digestion and ICP-AES. The contents of Ca, Mg, Fe, Cu, Ba, Zn, Al, Sr, Mn and Si in colored and white cotton were determined by this method. The recovery ratio obtained by standard addition method ranged between 93% and 111%, and the relative(More)
Er ions with 108 keV to a dose of 1 x 10(17) cm-2 were implanted into Si-rich thermal oxidation SiO2/Si thin film using metal vapor vacuum arc (MEVVA) ion source implanter. Er concentration in as-implanted sample, which was attained to -10 at % correspond to the level of -10(21) atoms.cm-3, was analyzed by Rutherford back-scattering (RBS) and X-ray(More)
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