Li Qiang Tao

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This work presents a distributed time slot assignment algorithm which adopts TDMA as Medium Access Control, specially suited to support applications with strict delay, jitter and throughput requirements characterized by convergecast traffic patterns in sensor networks. (E.g. wireless video surveillance sensor networks). Our algorithm has three(More)
This paper describes a fast collision detection algorithm based on projection and parallel. We make irregular three-dimensional objects project to be regular two-dimensional objects in two-dimensional plane and carry on collision detection by combining with spatial projection transformation method, This method improved Ming C. IJin algorithm and Lin-Canny(More)
FP-tree algorithm is the best algorithm in association rules algorithm, it dose not need to scan the database more times, and it dose not need to generate the candidate item set. Therefore, it has repeatedly been quoted by many researchers, and make more depth study based on it and they have made a lot of good results. But when faced with large-scale(More)
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