Li Qiang Tao

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The profile shape and the flow behavior of polymer nanoscale gratings made by a thermal nanoimprint process are precisely examined using visible light angular scatterometry. Nanoimprinted poly͑methyl methacrylate͒ ͑PMMA͒ lines with 60– 800 nm width, 100– 200 nm height, and varied residual thicknesses of 70– 400 nm have been investigated using this optical(More)
Particle size distribution of gravelly soil plays a crucial role in debris flow initiation. For better understanding the mechanism of debris flow formation, two crucial mechanical property parameters of the gravelly soil are required to be studied meticulously: hydraulic conductivity and strength. With the aim of measuring the composition of the gravelly(More)
Rare Earth (RE) activated upconversion phosphors (UCPs), have demonstrated significant application potentials in some front fields, including solar energy conversion and bio-application. However, some bottleneck problems should be overcame, such as the lower upconversion efficiency, narrower excitation band, concentration-quenching and(More)
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