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The fusion for multitemporal images is a kind of important problem in remote sensing image fusion. This paper proposes an algorithm of fusion for these images based on independent component analysis (ICA) and change detection. The algorithm can effectively embody contour and detailed structure of objects in both images. Simulation results show that the(More)
An algorithm for SAR image segmentation is proposed on the basis of features of SAR image and Bayesian detection theory. The algorithm consists of two steps: first, segmentation threshold is decided by using method proposed in this paper; second, blurred enhancement SAR image is segmented by using segmentation threshold acquired in one step to detect(More)
DBC (Differential Box-Counting) has been proved the least complex and the most convenient way to calculate the fractal dimension of images. However, for images with low resolution, the existence of empty boxes will influence the accuracy of fractal dimension. In order to reduce its effect, a new approach ADBC (Actual Differential Box-counting) is proposed(More)
Software and communication is a core of fully automatic optimizing cross-cut saw (FAOCCS). As for the realization of software, principles and methods are presented for the realization of optimizing software and motion control system (MCS) software; and for the realization of communication, the method of UDP communication between IPC and MCS is presented.(More)
Welcome to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the 44th CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems. This conference has a long history of bringing together researchers from the wide field of manufacturing systems engineering, and we are delighted to be hosting it this year in Madison. The conference provides an unparalleled international forum for(More)
The combustion process, was numerical simulated based on the H2/O2 nineteen steps chemistry kinetics mechanisms and catalytic combustion mechanisms in a sub-millimeter parallel plate combustor, which is applied to a novel modular micro thermal photovoltaic system. The results show that the temperature of the combustor outside wall is affected by combustor(More)
It is a kind of pivotal technology to detect and match control points quickly and effectively in application of remote sensing image. The paper proposed an algorithm for detecting and matching of control points based on the analysis of current algorithm for detection of significant points. The results show that the algorithm has realized the automatic(More)
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