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In this paper we propose a linear shift register synthesis algorithm for a multisequence of varying length by modifying the lattice basis reduction multisequence synthesis (Wang-Zhu-Pei for short) algorithm (L.-P. Wang et al., 2004). After a few simple modifications to it we can obtain the Schmidt-Sidorenko algorithm in (G. Schmidt and V.R. Sidorenko,(More)
In this paper we analyze a single removable and unreliable server in the N policy M/G/1 queueing system in which the server breaks down according to a Poisson process and the repair time obeys an arbitrary distribution. The method of maximum entropy is used to develop the approximate steady-state probability distributions of the queue length in the M/G(G)/1(More)
The replacement of industrial age by information age made the traditional vertical division of labor unable to meet the rapidly changing market requirements, therefore, the horizontal integration model has been in place based on a variety of management processes within organization. In this paper, we analyzed four levels of organizational structure reform(More)
  • Li-Ping Wang
  • 2012 IEEE International Symposium on Information…
  • 2012
In this paper we first give the Lagrange interpolation polynomials in rings of matrices over finite fields and propose a new secret sharing scheme similar to Shamir's secret sharing scheme as its direct application in cryptography. We also introduce the generalized Reed-Solomon codes over a noncommutative ring of matrices over a finite field and study their(More)
This paper explores determinants of knowledge transfer in the process of university-industry cooperation. This paper constructs knowledge transfer theory model from five aspects: university transferring knowledge factors, firm receiving knowledge factors, knowledge ambiguity, mutual technology matching and interactive factors (i.e. trust and communication).(More)
In the initial stage of electric power marketization, the power supply enterprises are expected to participate in the market competition and engage in the public services as well. Meanwhile, the electricity sales price should be set by considering the interests of enterprises, users and all aspects of the society. Based on welfare economics theory, to take(More)
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  • 2009 International Conference on Industrial and…
  • 2009
Based on the "Agenda 21" and the national conditions of China, this article studied the basic content of the sustainable development of the textile industry in China, analyzed the present situation and the existing problems which have existed in the sustainable development of China's textile industry in detail. On this basis, this paper put forward three(More)
1Department of Mathematics, College of Science, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing 210016, People’s Republic of China 2State Key Laboratory of Scientific and Engineering Computing, Institute of Computational Mathematics and Scientific/Engineering Computing, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences,(More)