Li-Ping Wang

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We study the explicit factorization of 2 n r-th cyclotomic polynomials over finite field Fq where q, r are odd with (r, q) = 1. We show that all irreducible factors of 2 n r-th cyclotomic polynomials can be obtained easily from irreducible factors of cyclotomic polynomials of small orders. In particular, we obtain the explicit factorization of 2 n 5-th(More)
The medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) is implicated in processing sensory-discriminative and affective pain. Nonetheless, the underlying mechanisms are poorly understood. Here we demonstrate a role for excitatory neurons in the prelimbic cortex (PL), a sub-region of mPFC, in the regulation of pain sensation and anxiety-like behaviours. Using a chronic(More)
Regulatory T (Treg) cells are potent suppressors that maintain immune homeostasis. Accumulation of Treg can inhibit effective immune responses in cancer patients, leading to tumor development and progression. Despite direct cytotoxicity, several chemotherapeutic drugs have been reported to deplete Treg cells for better prognosis for cancer patients. Treg(More)
Human leukocyte antigen (HLA) alleles are associated with both the progression of chronic hepatitis C (CHC) and the sustained virological response (SVR) to antiviral therapy. HLA-A*02 is the most common HLA allele in people of European/Caucasian descent and the Chinese and Japanese population. Therefore, we investigated whether HLA-A*02 expression is(More)