Li-Ping Wang

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We study the explicit factorization of 2nr-th cyclotomic polynomials over finite field Fq where q, r are odd with (r, q) = 1. We show that all irreducible factors of 2nr-th cyclotomic polynomials can be obtained easily from irreducible factors of cyclotomic polynomials of small orders. In particular, we obtain the explicit factorization of 2n5-th cyclotomic(More)
In this paper we use the successive minima profile to measure structural properties of pseudorandom multisequences.We show that both the lattice profile and the joint linear complexity profile of amultisequence can be expressed in terms of the successive minima profile. © 2007 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
In this paper we first extend a minimal partial realization algorithm from vector sequences to matrix sequences of equal length by means of a lattice basis reduction algorithm over polynomial rings. We also give all minimal partial realizations for such matrix sequences and a sufficient and necessary condition for the uniqueness issue. Then we improve the(More)
  • Li-Ping Wang
  • 2009 IEEE International Symposium on Information…
  • 2009
In this paper we give an algorithm for computing a bidirectional minimal polynomial (a characteristic polynomial with not only minimal degree but also a nonzero constant term) of a given finite-length multisequence by modifying a lattice-based linear feedback shift register synthesis algorithm for multisequences. We also describe the set of all such(More)