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Reducing monosaccharides were derivatized with 2-aminobenzoic acid (2-AA) through reductive amination using sodium cyanoborohydride as a reductant, and the derivatives were separated by capillary zone electrophoresis with UV detection using 50 mM sodium phosphate (pH 5.5) or 150 mM sodium borate-50 mM sodium phosphate (pH 7.0) running buffer. The(More)
BACKGROUND Kaempferol has been reported as beneficial for both acute and chronic inflammatory diseases. This study aims to investigate whether kaempferol affects systemic inflammation and oxidative stress in the heart, lung, and liver after hemorrhagic shock in mice. METHODS Male C57/BL6 mice underwent hemorrhagic shock (mean arterial pressure of 35 mmHg(More)
Based on the derivation and calculation of the Corten–Dolan exponent d , a practical method of determining its value is proposed. This exponent depends not only upon the materials, but also upon the load spectrums. Therefore its value is obtained by a function which decreases with increasing stress amplitude. This exponent was investigated through analysis(More)
Purpose – To survey the approaches to design optimization based on possibility theory and evidence theory comparatively, as well as their prominent characteristics mainly for epistemic uncertainty. Design/methodology/approach – Owing to uncertainties encountered in engineering design problems and limitations of the conventional probabilistic approach in(More)
Probabilistic life prediction of aircraft turbine disks requires the modeling of multiple complex random phenomena. Through combining test data with technological knowledge available from theoretical analyses and/or previous experimental data, the Bayesian approach gives a more complete estimate and provides a formal updating approach that leads to better(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the expression of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) in testis and to investigate the effects of NO on the reproductive function of testis. METHODS Testes of adult male Sprague-Dawley rats were fixed in 4% paraformaldehyde. The paraffin sections were made as routine. Immunohistochemical ABC method was used to observe the localization of(More)