Li-Pei Wong

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Many real world industrial applications involve finding a Hamiltonian path with minimum cost. Some instances that belong to this category are transportation routing problem, scan chain optimization and drilling problem in integrated circuit testing and production. This paper presents a Bee Colony Optimization (BCO) algorithm for Traveling Salesman Problem(More)
Scheduling is a crucial activity in semiconductor manufacturing industry. Effective scheduling in its operations leads to improvement in the efficiency and utilization of its equipment. Job Shop Scheduling is an NP-hard problem which is closely related to some of the scheduling activities in this industry. This paper presents an improved Bee Colony(More)
Keywords: Intelligent Water Drops (IWD) Swarm-based optimization Ranking-based selection methods Feature selection (FS) Rough set (RS) Multiple knapsack problem (MKP) Travelling salesman problem (TSP) a b s t r a c t The Intelligent Water Drop (IWD) algorithm is a recent stochastic swarm-based method that is useful for solving combinatorial and function(More)
Identifying the shortest Hamiltonian circuit is a task which appears in various types of industrial and logistics applications. It is a NP-hard problem. This paper intends to find the shortest Hamiltonian circuit of the selected 68 towns/cities in Penang state, Malaysia using the generic Bee Colony Optimization (BCO) framework. The proposed BCO framework(More)
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