Li-Nuan Tsai

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A low-temperature stress-free electrolytic nickel (EL) deposition process with the addition of uniformly dispersed diamond nanoparticles (diameter < 0.5 /spl mu/m) is proposed to fabricate cantilevers and electro-thermal microactuators to demonstrate the improvement of the device on reducing input power requirement and enhancing operation reliability. The(More)
A Ni-P-CNTs (electroless phosphorus nickel-carbon nanotubes) nanocomposite film synthesis and related processes for MEMS device fabrication have been successfully developed and presented in this paper. With a special acid oxidative method, a well-dispersed nickel-CNTs colloidal solution has been produced without any aggregation, very suitable for(More)
We employ a low temperature stress free electroplated nickel (EL) process with the addition of uniformly dispersed nanoparticles of diamond (< 500 nm) or SiO/sub 2/ (< 80 nm) to investigate "nanocomposite effects" for the first time on the modification of the thermal expansion coefficient (CTE) and other mechanical properties of nickel and its correlation(More)
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