Li Na Yu

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Cardiac microvascular endothelial cells (CMECs) dysfunction induced by hypoxia is an important pathophysiological event in myocardium ischemic injury, whereas, the underlying mechanism is not fully clarified. FoxO transcription factors regulate target genes involved in apoptosis and cellular reactive oxygen species (ROS) production. Therefore, the present(More)
Vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation has been known to be predominant in vascular remodeling of pulmonary hypertensive. The GATA family proteins, a group of zinc finger transcription factors, play an important role during cell proliferation. The aim of present study was to investigate the expression of GATA-6 gene in experimental pulmonary hypertensive(More)
Peanut protein and its hydrolysate were compared with a view to their use as food additives. The effects of pH, temperature and protein concentration on some of their key physicochemical properties were investigated. Compared with peanut protein, peanut peptides exhibited a significantly higher solubility and significantly lower turbidity at pH values 2-12(More)
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