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On How to prolong the Lifecycle of Civilian-owned Enterprise
With the continuous development after the opening and reforming,civilian-owned enterprise made great contribution to the development of Chinese economy and has become an essential part ofExpand
Analyzing economic spatial disparities in yanbian based on ESDA
The Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture as a Construction of the front window for Changchun-Jilin-Tumen forerunner region,is the main undertaker of the Tumen River Area development,and also is anExpand
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Reforming University Curriculum System to Produce Innovative Talents
Based on the analysis of the imperfectness of today's curriculum system,the goal of the curriculum reform is presented with the cultivation of innovative talents as the aim of the reform.
Test research and numerical simulation analysis of long-short piles composite foundation
Based on a series of static loading tests on single pile,single-pile and four-pile composite foundation at certain expressway test section in Zhengzhou,the load-bearing capacity of rigid pileExpand
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Study on low-frequency oscillation characteristics for temperature and precipitation in the lower reaches of Tumen River
low-frequency oscillation characteristics of temperature and precipitation in lower reaches of Tumen River for past 46 years are studied by SSA.The result shows that the temperature and precipitationExpand
Urban Spatial Expansion Simulated and Forecast of the Forerunner Zone Urban of Changchun-Jilin-Tumen River Development Region
A gray-USEM(Urban Spatial Evolution Model) was built,the model witch integrated the GIS,the neural network(ANN),cellular automaton(CA) and the gray system mathematical method to simulated andExpand
Monitoring for Density of Rodents during Flood Disaster and Management Methods in Harbin City
Objective:To monitor the density of rodents during flood disaster and take steps to control rodents. Methods: Night trap method. Results: The density of rodents in the three bank areas along theExpand
Reasonal Use of Local Government Expropriation Income
Presently, most local government fall over themselves for abusing expropriation authority to seek great amount of profit by land "low price expropriation and high price long-term lease", so《DecisionExpand
An Optimization Model of Transportation Scheme in Preoperational Preparations of Conventional Missile
The arrange of transport time and transport line of vehicle in conventional missile turn plan is a combinatorial optimization problem when the operational plan is drawn up.In the paper,the factors ofExpand
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Attitude algorithm based on flexible shaft of ball-gear
In order to realize the dual functions of wheeled mobile and walking step of the mobile platform,the relationship between axis attitude and the control system was proposed according to that theExpand