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BACKGROUND Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the second most common cancer in China. Hepatitis B and C viruses (HBV and HCV) and aflatoxins are known risk factors for HCC, but the etiological status of these factors in HCC development is not clear. This study was undertaken to define the absolute importance of HBV in hepatocarcinogenesis of North China. (More)
UNLABELLED In our previous study, we used composite grafts consisting of meshed porcine acellular dermal matrix (PADM) and thin split-thickness autologous epidermis to cover full thickness burn wounds in clinical practice. However, a certain degree of contraction might occur because the distribution of dermal matrix was not uniform in burn wound. In this(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate changes in proliferative activity of myoblasts in skeletal muscle and potential role of phosphorylated Akt on it, so that a better understanding in mechanisms of skeletal muscle atrophy after burn injury will be got. METHODS One hundred and twenty Wistar rats were randomly divided into 2 groups: control and severe thermal injury(More)
BACKGROUND The mechanisms by which androgens ameliorate glucocorticoid-induced muscle wasting are still under investigation. In the present study, we tested the hypothesis that androgen's effects in reversing muscle wasting are related to activating the signaling pathways downstream of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-I)/insulin. METHODS Forty female(More)
Plants are known to be efficient hosts for the production of mammalian therapeutic proteins. However, plants produce complex N-glycans bearing β1,2-xylose and core α1,3-fucose residues, which are absent in mammals. The immunogenicity and allergenicity of plant-specific Nglycans is a key concern in mammalian therapy. In this study, we amplified the sequences(More)
A statistical analysis is made of two data sets and it is found that the distribution of major scientific and technological achievements in terms of the age of those achievement makers is Weibull distribution. Pearson'sx 2 test results are satisfactory. This finding holds for different centuries, different nations and different disciplines.
BACKGROUND Severe burn-blast combined injury is a great challenge to medical teams for its high mortality. The aim of this study was to elucidate the clinical characteristics of the injury and to present our clinical experiences on the treatment of such cases. METHODS Five patients with severe burn-blast combined injuries were admitted to our hospital 77(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the changes of collagens I and III after the addition of hyaluronic acid in the transplantation of porcine acellular dermal matrix. METHODS Full-thickness skin defects were created on the dorsa of Japanese white rabbits. And the rabbits were divided randomly into 3 groups: Group A (hyaluronic acid, porcine acellular dermal matrix(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore an appropriate measure to repair tissue defects and deformities in mandibulo-cervical region. METHODS Eighteen cases with severe tissue defects and deformity in jaw and neck were repaired with thoracic skin flap with multiple blood supply system in our unit from Jan. 2006 to Nov. 2008. Anterior cutaneous branch of transverse cervical(More)
BACKGROUND Most epidermal cells used in skin tissue engineering are obtained from the skins of fetuses or prepuces, which can not be widely used in culturing and transplanting autologous epidermis for patients with extensive burn wounds. To solve the problem, in this study, we cultured epidermal cells from different parts of human body in vitro, and(More)