Li Ming He

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Spores of marine Bacillus sp. strain SG-1 are capable of oxidizing Mn(II) and Co(II), which results in the precipitation of Mn(III, IV) and Co(III) oxides and hydroxides on the spore surface. The spores also bind other heavy metals; however, little is known about the mechanism and capacity of this metal binding. In this study the characteristics of the(More)
Surface runoff water is an important non-point source of fecal pollution to downstream water; however, there is a lack of systematic studies on the microbial quality of surface runoff water from watersheds with mixed land uses. In this study water samples from 12 surface runoff holding water bodies (SRW), which collected runoff from various patterns of land(More)
As modern optical information processing has developed, research on massive and parallel rapid computing and processing has attracted more attention. In this paper, butterfly networks and a variety of types of optical information processing are studied and discussed. For a basis, one- and twodimensional butterfly interconnection networks are studied in(More)
The carry-free property of modified signed-digit addition is discussed, and a space-position-logic-encoding scheme is proposed, which not only makes best use of the convenience of binary (0, 1) logic operation but is also suitable for the trinary (1, 0, 1-) property of modified signed-digit digits. Based on the spaceposition-logic-encoding scheme, a fully(More)
The feasibility of low energy processing in ocular tissues with femtosecond laser sources was investigated in this research. One laser source was a femtosecond amplifier, and the other was a femtosecond oscillator. The amplifier used in this experiment was a CPA-2001 (Clark-MXR, Inc), with 150 fs pulse duration and 1 kHz repetition rate. The femtosecond(More)
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