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—3-D integration provides another way to put more devices in a smaller footprint. However, it also introduces new challenges in testing. Flexible test architecture named test access control system for 3-D integrated circuits (TACS-3D) is proposed for 3-D integrated circuits (IC) testing. Integration of heterogeneous design-for-testability methods for logic,(More)
One of the major costs in system-on-chip (SOC) development is test cost, especially the cost related to test integration. Although there have been plenty of research works on individual topics about SOC testing, few of them took into account the practical integration issues. In this paper, we stress the practical SOC test integration issues, including real(More)
This work presents a low-cost wireless system design that serves as an interface to support the SoC with contactless testability feature. The communication hierarchy includes PHY, MAC, data exchange, and test wrapper functions. The wireless does not require external antennae and crystal reference, and therefore minimize the setup cost. The embedded(More)