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As the profit margins of 3G mobile network operators gradually decline, and market competition becomes increasingly intensive, they must develop rich and diverse varieties of brand new application services to attract new subscribers and retain old ones. Understanding the customer's purchasing behavior is a key issue in this process. The operator must(More)
Discrete fractional Fourier transform (DFRFT) is a generalization of discrete Fourier transform. There are a number of DFRFT proposals, which are useful for various signal processing applications. This paper investigates practical solutions toward the construction of unconditionally secure communication systems based on DFRFT via cross-layer approach. By(More)
The traditional orientation extraction algorithm based on pixels and the common used Gabor filter are both meliorated by compressing original fingerprint image to 1/4 size and getting the low-frequency image using Gauss filter for former, and by changing the rectangular template into 1-D linear template with two orthogonal beelines for latter. Experiments(More)
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