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AIM To determine the incidence of needle tract seeding after fine needle aspiration (FNA) or percutaneous ethanol injection (PEI) and compare iatrogenic or spontaneous soft tissue metastasis (STM) by hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) postradiotherapy (RT) in responses. METHODS From November 1997 to January 2006, those who presented with STM by HCC after our(More)
As the profit margins of 3G mobile network operators gradually decline, and market competition becomes increasingly intensive, they must develop rich and diverse varieties of brand new application services to attract new subscribers and retain old ones. Understanding the customer's purchasing behavior is a key issue in this process. The operator must(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the health-related quality of life (HR-QOL) of nasopharyngeal cancer (NPC) patients with cancer-free survival after treatment and to investigate the factors correlated with their HR-QOL. METHODS AND MATERIALS One hundred eighty-two NPC patients with cancer-free survival of more than 2 years after treatment were enrolled in the study.(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the influence of oral glutamine on radiation-induced oral mucositis in the radiotherapy of head and neck cancer. METHODS AND MATERIALS From July 1997 through June 1998, 17 patients with head and neck cancer receiving primary or adjuvant irradiation were randomized to either glutamine suspension (16 g in 240 ml normal saline) (n = 8) or(More)
PURPOSE Oligodendroglioma is a relatively rare central nervous system tumor. Currently, surgical intervention is the mainstay of treatment, and the role of postoperative radiotherapy (RT) remains a subject of controversy. The objective of this study was to investigate the prognostic factors, evaluate the treatment outcomes, and assess whether postoperative(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Anorexia is a common problem in cancer patients who receive radiotherapy. In this current study, we attempt to determine the effect of megestrol acetate and prepulsid on appetite and nutritional improvement in patients with head and neck cancers undergoing radiotherapy. MATERIALS AND METHODS One hundred twenty-nine consecutive(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the treatment results and analyze the prognostic factors for patients with medulloblastoma (MB) treated by surgery and postoperative radiation therapy (RT). METHODS AND MATERIALS Thirty-five patients of MB receiving surgery followed by RT from February 1986 to September 1999 were reviewed. Their median age was 12 years with a slight(More)
PURPOSE To correlate the acute toxicity during pelvic irradiation and the development of late rectal injury following radiation therapy for cervical carcinoma. METHODS AND MATERIALS Two hundred and twenty patients treated with curative-intent radiation therapy between November 1987 and January 1992 were analyzed. Patients were treated initially with(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the relationship between the use of zolpidem and subsequent cancer risk in Taiwanese patients. METHODS We used data from the National Health Insurance system of Taiwan to investigate whether use of zolpidem was related to cancer risk. For the study cohort, we identified 14,950 patients who had received a first prescription for(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the association between urinary tract stone (UTS) and urinary tract cancer (UTC) in Taiwanese patients, as the results of epidemiological studies about the relationship between UTS and the development of UTC remain inconclusive. PATIENTS/SUBJECTS AND METHODS We conducted a population-based cohort study using data from the Taiwanese(More)