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Kinetin protects D-galactose-induced aging rats from splenic oxidative damage.
Received: Revised: Accepted: The molecular mechanisms specifying anti-oxidative and anti-aging action of kinetin (Kn) on the splenic oxidative damage of aging rats are poorly understood. Here, theExpand
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Pathological observation of chickens with acute toxicity induced by azithromycin.
An acute toxicity experiment of azithromycin was conducted into Dafa black-bone egg chic-kens.The clinical signs and histopathological changes were observed in chickens intragastrically administratedExpand
In foundation pit blasting,ground leveling construction work was controlled to guarantee safety of the pit support structure and its adjacent circumstance.And therefore based on the pit constructingExpand
Study on the Madness Themes in Chinese Vernacular Fictions
People always define behaviors going beyond secular rationality as madness,which is the main basis of the madness themes in Chinese vernacular fictions.In narrative contexts,madness often gains aExpand
Relationships between swine glycolytic potential and growth performance,carcass traits and pork quality
【Objective】 This study was designed to compare the differences in postmortem glycolytic potential,growth performance,carcass traits and pork quality to investigate the relationships betweenExpand
Dynamic analysis of contents of crude protein and amino acids in 6 kinds of forages in different growth periods.
【Objective】 The research studied the dynamic pattern of amino acids in 6 kinds of forages in different growth periods in Yellow River beach regions.【Method】 6 kinds of forages(Alfalfa,WhiteExpand
An Exploration into Yu Yingshih's Idea of Cultural Crisis and Cultural Reconstruction
Yu Yingshih believes that the traditional culture has been destroyed because of the continuous radical ideas in modern times.The political and utilitarian pursuit in academic field is doing harmingExpand