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Aligning Users across Social Networks Using Network Embedding
This paper proposes to learn a network embedding with the followership/ followee-ship of each user explicitly modeled as input/output context vector representations so as to preserve the proximity of users with "similar" followers/followees in the embedded space.
Deep Learning for Generic Object Detection: A Survey
A comprehensive survey of the recent achievements in this field brought about by deep learning techniques, covering many aspects of generic object detection: detection frameworks, object feature representation, object proposal generation, context modeling, training strategies, and evaluation metrics.
RFID Application in Hospitals: A Case Study on a Demonstration RFID Project in a Taiwan Hospital
A case study is conducted that demonstrated RFID integration into the medical world at one Taiwan hospital and discusses the findings pertaining to the collaborative development strategy, device management, data management, and value generation.
A Low-Phase-Noise Wide-Tuning-Range Oscillator Based on Resonant Mode Switching
A low-phase-noise wide-tuning-range oscillator suitable for scaled CMOS processes that switches between the two resonant modes of a high-order LC resonator that consists of two identical LC tanks coupled by capacitor and transformer.
Pressure dependence of fragile-to-strong transition and a possible second critical point in supercooled confined water.
It is shown that the transition temperature decreases steadily with an increasing pressure, until it intersects the homogenous nucleation temperature line of bulk water at a pressure of 1600 bar, and above this pressure it is no longer possible to discern the characteristic feature of the FS transition.
Quantifying Facial Age by Posterior of Age Comparisons
This work introduces a novel approach for annotating large quantity of in-the-wild facial images with high-quality posterior age distribution as labels and trains a network that jointly performs ordinal hyperplane classification and posterior distribution learning.
Factors affecting participation of solvers in crowdsourcing: an empirical study from China
The results show that higher awards, easier tasks, longer duration and lower competition intensity lead to a higher number of solvers, but competition intensity and market price for other competing projects do not show significant correlation with the ability level of winners.
Improving Cost Estimates of Construction Projects Using Phased Cost Factors
Central to cost-based competition is the capability to accurately predict the cost of delivering a project. Most literature on cost estimation focuses on specific estimation methods as generic
Optimization of Frequent Itemset Mining on Multiple-Core Processor
This paper proposes two techniques: a cache-conscious FP-array (frequent pattern array) and a lock-free dataset tiling parallelization mechanism to address the problem of frequent pattern mining on a modern multi-core machine.
Simultaneous Pursuit of Innovation and Efficiency in Complex Engineering Projects—A Study of the Antecedents and Impacts of Ambidexterity in Project Teams
Projects, as the common unit of organizing complex tasks, often feature unique challenges that require both radical innovation and incremental improvements to processes and solutions in order to