Li Liu

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In microarray data there are a number of biological samples, each assessed for the level of gene expression for a typically large number of genes. There is a need to examine these data with statistical techniques to help discern possible patterns in the data. Our technique applies a combination of mathematical and statistical methods to progressively take(More)
This paper presents a neural network based decentralized excitation controller design for large-scale power systems. The proposed controller design considers not only the dynamics of generators but also the algebraic constraints of the power flow equations. The control signals are calculated using only local signals. The transient stability and the(More)
The singular value decomposition of a rectangular data matrix can be used to understand the structure of the data and give insight into the relationships of the row and column factors. For example, the rows linked to the rows might be experimental conditions of temperature and the experimental conditions linked to the columns might pressure. In a biological(More)
Deposition of amyloid-beta peptide (Abeta) in the diabetic brain is poorly understood. Low-density lipoprotein receptor related protein 1(LRP1) at the blood-brain barrier (BBB) is critical for regulation of Abeta homeostasis in the brain. In this study, we used streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice to observe the expression of LRP1 at the BBB by Western blot(More)
— Power system defensive islanding is an efficient way to avoid catastrophic wide area blackouts, such as the 2003 North American Blackout. Finding defensive islands of large scale power systems is a combinatorial explosion problem. Thus, it is very difficult to find an optimal solution, if it exists, within reasonable time using analytical methods. This(More)