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This thesis presents a prototype vehicle acoustic signal classification system with low classification error and short processing delay. To analyze the spectrum of the vehicle acoustic signal, we adopt biologically motivated feature extraction models – cochlear filter and A1-cortical wavelet transform. The multi-resolution representation obtained from these(More)
This paper addresses modeling, simulation and controls of a robotic servicing system for the hubble space telescope servicing missions. The simulation models of the robotic system include flexible body dynamics, control systems and geometric models of the contacting bodies. These models are incorporated into MDA's simulation facilities, the multibody(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of various substrate supplements in the growth media on the synthesis of cyclopropane fatty acid (cycC19:0) and freeze-drying survival rate of Lactobacillus bulgaricus L2 and their relatedness. Survival rate during freeze-drying was enhanced markedly (P < 0.05) when cells were grown in the presence of(More)
Can fiscal stimulus policies targeted at firms incentivize investment and improve firm financial conditions? In this paper, I examine the effects of a countercyclical fiscal policy that gave firms additional tax refunds at the end of the past two recessions, thereby relaxing firm financial constraints in those periods. To estimate the policy's impact, I use(More)
It is evident that the environment takes an important part during implementation of impedance control of robot manipulators. Better results are expected if the impedance of the manipulator is configured according to the environment's dynamics. In this paper, a hybrid impedance controller is designed. With some robustness against the uncertainties of the(More)
  • Li Liu
  • 2011
Mass customization of automobiles is a production mode that meets the demand of customer-orientation. Methods for automobile companies to realize product modularization and interchangeability are introduced with the examples of Western model automobile companies; Collaborative design process and strategy of automobile mass customization are analyzed based(More)
With the development of its economy in China, the demand for geospatial applications in various fields has been greatly increased in recent years. And the geospatial Industry has been emerged as new and active factor in information service sector. During the past ten years, thousands of companies and institutes have involved in the business for technology(More)
Bilingual education is an effective way to improve students' competency for international competition and communication in their specialized fields. Comparing the foreign language and the subject knowledge in bilingual teaching, which one outweighs the other? In this paper, the essential concept of bilingual education was discussed. Then the relationship(More)