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BACKGROUND Secondary degeneration of the pyramidal tract distal to the primary lesion after a stroke has been detected by some studies using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) but its potential clinical significance and the degeneration of the fibre tract proximal to the primary lesion have received little attention. METHODS Twelve patients underwent DTI on(More)
  • Lei Zhang, Eric P. F. Chow, Xun Zhuang, Yanxian Liang, Yafei Wang, Caiyun Tang +3 others
  • 2013
BACKGROUND Methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) has been scaled up by the Chinese government alongside persistent compulsory drug user detention, but the extent to which detention interferes with MMT is unknown. The study systematically reviews Chinese MMT retention rates, reasons for drop out, and behavioural changes. METHOD Chinese and English(More)
BACKGROUND Secondary degeneration following supratentorial stroke has been detected by some studies using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), but the anterograde and retrograde degeneration in pyramidal tract after pontine infarction and its potential clinical significance are not well understood. METHODS Fourteen patients with a recent pontine infarct(More)
Effects of cold plasma treatment on soybean (Glycine max L. Merr cv. Zhongdou 40) seed germination and seedling growth were studied. Seeds were pre-treated with 0, 60, 80, 100 and 120 W of cold plasma for 15 s. Results showed that plasma treatments had positive effects on seed germination and seedling growth, and treatment of 80 W had the highest(More)
BACKGROUND The study aimed to prospectively observe the clinical and neuroimaging features of pontine infarction with pure motor hemiparesis (PMH) or hemiplegia at early stage. METHODS In 118 consecutive selected patients with the first-ever ischemic stroke within 6 hours after onset, fifty of them presented with PMH or hemiplegia and had negative acute(More)
EphB2/ephrinBs has been recently demonstrated to regulate cell proliferation in the neurogenic subventricular zone (SVZ). However, little is known about the role of EphB2 in adult neurogenesis following cerebral infarction. In the present study, we investigated the role of EphB2 in proliferation and differentiation of precursor cells within the SVZ, as well(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess concurrent heroin use and correlates among Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT) clients in Guangdong Province, China. METHOD Demographic and drug use data were collected with a structured questionnaire, and MMT information was obtained from the MMT clinic registration system in Guangdong. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-) and(More)