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Mesoporous silica chips for selective enrichment and stabilization of low molecular weight proteome
A combinatorial approach for the removal of the high molecular weight proteins and for the specific isolation and enrichment of low molecular weight species is introduced and the correlation between the harvesting specificity and the physicochemical properties of mesoporous silica surfaces is established. Expand
Quantitative analysis of five kudinosides in the large-leaved Kudingcha and related species from the genus Ilex by UPLC-ELSD.
The present method can be used successfully for the quality control of the large-leaved Kudingcha and was validated according to regulatory guidelines with respect to precision, stability, repeatability and recovery. Expand
Label-free detection of microRNA based on the fluorescence quenching of silicon nanoparticles induced by catalyzed hairpin assembly coupled with hybridization chain reaction
Abstract MicroRNAs (miRNAs) play important roles in the regulation of cellular activities and are considered as potential biomarkers for various diseases. The detection of miRNA has become a highlyExpand
Constraints on interacting dark energy from time delay lenses
We use the time delay measurements between multiple images of lensed sources in 18 strongly gravitationally lensed (SGL) systems to put additional constraints on three phenomenological interactionExpand
pH-controlled polymorphism in a layered dysprosium phosphonate and its impact on the magnetization relaxation.
Two polymorphic layered dysprosium phosphonates α-Dy(2-qpH)(SO4)(H2O)2 (α-Dy) and β-Dy(2-qpH)(SO4)(H2O)2 (β-Dy) (2-qpH2 = 2-quinolinephosphonic acid) which crystallize in monoclinic P2₁/c andExpand
Boosting High‐Rate Li–S Batteries by an MOF‐Derived Catalytic Electrode with a Layer‐by‐Layer Structure
A layer‐by‐layer electrode structure designed, each layer of which consists of ultrafine CoS2‐nanoparticle‐embedded porous carbon evenly grown on both sides of reduced graphene oxide, shows high rate performance and stable cycling stability over 300 cycles. Expand
NaBaLa2(PO4)3: A novel host lattice for Sm3+-doped phosphor materials emitting reddish-orange light
Abstract A series of reddish orange light-emitting NaBaLa2(PO4)3: Sm3+(NBLP:Sm3+) phosphors are designed and synthesized in this work for the first time. The crystal structure of NaBaLa2(PO4)3(NBLP)Expand
Luminescent properties and ratiometric optical thermometry of Ln-BDC-F4 compounds.
A series of luminescent lanthanide compounds with 2, 3, 5, 6-tetrafluoro-1, 4-benzenedicarboxylate acting as the organic ligand and terbium compound and europium compound exhibit intense green and red luminescence respectively upon excitation of the ligand at room temperature suggests that H2BDC-F4 ligand can sensitize Tb3+ and Eu3+ ions effectively. Expand
High transmittance β-Ga2O3 thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering and post-annealing for solar-blind ultraviolet photodetector
Abstract Monoclinic Ga2O3 (β-Ga2O3) thin films were deposited on c-plane sapphire substrates via radio frequency magnetron sputtering method followed by post-annealing process. The structural andExpand
Convecting particle diffusion in a binary particle system under vertical vibration.
The results showed that when f increased at constant Γ or Γ decreased at constant f, the convecting particles, usually the smaller and lighter ones, distributed less to the top side and more to the bottom side of the container. Expand