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Developing English-language academic journals of China
Although the authors are mainly from the Tsinghua University, the number of authors from other regions are increasing in recent years; the average number of references cited by every article are increasing and the results suggest that the journal must learn the successful experiences from well-known journals.
Improving the International Influence of Chinese Academic Journals
To improve the international influence of academic journals of China, the authors argue, one must promote academic quality and realize the internationalization of journals. Attracting high-level
Advantages of university journals in China
  • Li Li
  • Education
    Learn. Publ.
  • 1 July 2005
University journals in China have special advantages in such circumstances and have the potential for developing strongly, and can now promote their accessibility and become more influential.
Advance on Digital Development Mode of Science and Technology Journals
The purpose of this article was to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the network development modes of science and technology journals and analyse 5 publishing models of scientific andtechnology journals, which might offer reference for digital development ofScience and technology ournals.
Analysis of factors restricting the development of science and technology journals in China
  • Li Li
  • Political Science
  • 1 December 2004
L'A. analyse les facteurs entravant le developpement des journaux scientifique et techniques en Chine, tout en indiquant les strategies employees pour les surmonter. La faiblesse du niveau
Mutual benefits of cooperation between international publishing groups and Chinese sci-tech journals
The cooperation between international publishing groups and Chinese sci-tech journals is mutual beneficial.The international publishing groups can build good public images,enrich their products,and
The Scheme of Editors:a Key to the Sustainable Development of College Journals
More emphasis should be placed on the efficacy of editors' scheme to improve the quality of the college journal from the very beginning when manuscripts are edited and released in order to take a road of sustainable development with individuality and unique characteristics.
Brief discussion on the development of scientific and technical journals in the digital times
  • Li Li
  • Materials Science
  • 2002
Applied editing management software improves the editing efficiency and optimizes the working quality and makes full use of the internet to promote the influence of journals to make the journals widely known.