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— The topology of wireless multihop ad hoc networks can be controlled by varying the transmission power of each node. We propose a simple distributed algorithm where each node makes local decisions about its transmission power and these local decisions collectively guarantee global connectivity. Specifically, based on the directional information , a node(More)
Mitochondria are complex organelles with a highly dynamic distribution and internal organization. Here, we demonstrate that mitofilin, a previously identified mitochondrial protein of unknown function, controls mitochondrial cristae morphology. Mitofilin is enriched in the narrow space between the inner boundary and the outer membranes, where it forms a(More)
The capabilities of mobile devices have been improving very quickly in terms of computing power, storage, feature support, and developed applications. However, these mobile applications are still intrinsically limited by a relative lack of bandwidth, computing power, and energy compared to their tethered counterparts. Cloud computing offers abundant(More)
The echinoderm microtubule-associated protein-like 4-anaplastic lymphoma kinase (EML4-ALK) fusion gene has been identified as an oncogene in a subset of non-small cell lung cancers (NSCLC). We used profiling of cancer genomes on an exon array to develop a novel computational method for the global search of gene rearrangements. This approach led to the(More)
In this paper, we present an approach for Web service based distributed communication systems. Unlike conventional one-way Web service, which is based on a stateless request/response interaction pattern, communication systems typically require stateful, two-way, full duplex interaction, and in many cases, it needs to establish certain association or context(More)
Melanoma inhibitory activity member 3 (MIA3/TANGO1) [corrected] is an evolutionarily conserved endoplasmic reticulum resident transmembrane protein. Recent in vitro studies have shown that it is required for the loading of collagen VII, but not collagen I, into COPII-coated transport vesicles. In this paper, we show that mice lacking Mia3 are defective for(More)
In this paper, we describe an approach to discover the control flow graph of Web services for Web services analysis, verification, and testing. For this purpose, three novel methods are proposed. First, we introduce a domain independent RDF Schemas for concise resource oriented functional specification of Web services operations. Secondly, we describe the(More)
UNLABELLED We have devised a novel analysis approach, percentile analysis for differential gene expression (PADGE), for identifying genes differentially expressed between two groups of heterogeneous samples. PADGE was designed to compare expression profiles of sample subgroups at a series of percentile cutoffs and to examine the trend of relative expression(More)
This paper presents an end-to-end architecture, called VSITE, for seamless integration of cloud resources into an enterprise's intranet at layer 2. VSITE allows a cloud provider to carve out its resources to serve multiple enterprises simultaneously while maintaining isolation and security. Resources (allocated to an enterprise) in the cloud provider(More)