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Radio Environment Map (REM) is a map that indicates the radio signal strength (RSS) over a finite geographical region. It enables cognitive radio (CR) users to opportunistically access to the spectrum unoccupied by the primary users (PUs) who are licensed to use specific spectrum. In this paper, a basis expansion based scheme is presented to estimate REM.(More)
In this paper, a low-cost dual-tone radio interferometric positioning system using a single mobile anchor is proposed to locate multiple targets at the same time. We name it mDRIPS. In mDRIPS, each target continuously transmits a dual-tone signal with its dedicated frequencies, and the mobile anchor receives the signals at different positions along its(More)
This paper is concerned with the steel temperature estimation problem in hot strip mill. We focus on the steel bar temperature estimation during the rough rolling process with the aid of industrial wireless network for its high reliability communication and low power consumptions. However, the mobility of the steel bar and the complexity of the industrial(More)
In the cognitive radio(CR) network, the secondary user(SU) are allowed to utilize the frequency channels of the licensees primary user(PU) when these channels are not currently being used. To support spectrum reuse functionality, the SU are required to sense the channel to detect the PU activity accurately for each time slot. There are two parameters(More)
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