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Drought stress is a key environmental factor limiting the growth and productivity of plants. The purpose of this study was to investigate the physiological responses of Camptotheca acuminata (C. acuminata) to different drought stresses and compare the drought tolerance between the provenances Kunming (KM) and Nanchang (NC), which are naturally distributed(More)
According to the unsystematic state of current health information systems integration and aiming to improve semantic interoperability, the approach for health information systems under SOA is studied in detailed. As for the system engineering, the concept of HIS integration is discussed. After that, a SOA-based health information system architecture and(More)
In view of the shortcomings of traditional multi-objective optimal methods, this paper introduces iSIGHT which is a kind of optimal design software. Based on optimal design framework Isight, the multi-objective optimal design method and step using the Neighborhood Cultivation Genetic Algorithm (NCGA) are investigated. Taking a multi-objective optimal design(More)
Without any additional element, noncontinuous deformation of body can be simulated efficiently by interface element. The element stiffness matrix and interface stress are derived, which is based on the principle of virtual work. The steps given in the theoretical development were implemented in the computer program. A homogeneous cantilever beam and a(More)
Abstract--By the research on evaluation index system of entrepreneurial team training mode, we carry on the direct analysis of reasonableness of training mode, so that it can promote the development of entrepreneurial team training mode and improve the competitiveness of the organization. This paper starts at domestic and foreign research status, and(More)
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