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The ABO locus on chromosome 9 contains many more alleles than are currently used routinely in forensic science. The use of single-strand conformation polymorphism (SSCP) can separate sequence polymorphisms that differ by only one base. The SSCP process used allows for both single- and double-stranded polymerase chain reaction (PCR) products to be(More)
In February 1998 a civilian aeroplane carrying 196 individuals crashed in Taiwan and killed another 6 people on the ground. Although there were dental and medical records, fingerprints, photographic evidence and personal effects to identify some of the victims, DNA analysis was required to further identify severely damaged remains. From the 202 people known(More)
This study explored the applicability of gesture commands in a PDA to the operation of DVD players, video tape players and TVs. Firstly, 58 subjects were asked to write the appropriate gesture commands for each of the 11 pre-selected commonly used operations in controlling video equipments. From this set of written gesture commands as well as the gesture(More)
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