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Lip-reading technology was introduced in this paper, including the development course, technical methods and application direction. Lip-reading technology mainly includes the lip detection and localization, feature extraction and recognition method and fusion method, the classification of the mouth and the corpus. This paper do a detailed comparative(More)
Min-Max Modular Support Vector Machine (M3-SVM) is a powerful ensemble learning method for large scale data processing, which consists of the data decomposition and min-max combination rule. However, when the data contains many redundant or irrelevant features, the ensemble learning performance of M3-SVM will degrade. To address this issue, reduce the(More)
In this paper, the author proposed the concept of incomplete and fuzzy information systems based on incomplete approximation spaces and fuzzy sets, and analyzed the approximate class-precision and boundary in rough set systemically, via introducing the thought of inner & outer boundaries and inner & outer approximate definable sets combining rough(More)
On automatic modulation there are two approaches, decision-theoretic and statistical pattern. An automatic modulation recognition system to recognize four digital signal classes as: MASK, MFSK, MPSK, MQAM is proposed in this paper, which using decision-theoretic based feature set addition to statistical pattern based feature set with VLBP(variable learning(More)
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