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Recently, a number of methods have been developed that make it possible to image the elastic properties of soft tissues. Because certain types of tissues such as malignant lesions, for example, have elastic properties that are markedly different from surrounding tissues, elasticity imaging could provide a significant adjunct to current diagnostic ultrasonic(More)
An algorithm is described for reducing ghost artifacts in echo planar imaging (EPI) using phase corrections derived from images reconstructed using only even or odd k-space lines. The N/2 ghost, that arises principally from time-reversal of alternate k-space lines, was significantly reduced by this algorithm without the need for a calibration scan. In(More)
Sonoelasticity is a rapidly evolving medical imaging technique for visualizing hard tumors in tissues. In this novel diagnostic technique, a low-frequency vibration is externally applied to excite internal vibrations within the tissue under inspection. A small stiff inhomogeneity in a surrounding tissue appears as a disturbance in the normal vibration(More)
Velocity encoded phase imaging is subject to errors from phase and amplitude variations of the k-space data caused by beat-to-beat variations of the flow. Fractional cardiac gating is defined as asynchronous gating with each phase encode step occupying a fixed fraction of the RR interval. The gating fraction is the inverse of the number of phase encode(More)
The ratcheting deformation of articular cartilage can be produced due to the repeated accumulations of compressive strain . The aim of this study was to investigate the ratcheting behavior of articular cartilage under cyclic compression. A series of cyclic compressive tests with different stress amplitudes and stress rates were conducted for pig knee(More)
One of the major functions of bone is to provide structural support. So it is important to study its mechanical behavior. The aim of this study was to investigate the ratcheting behaviors of trabecular bone under cyclic compression and the effect of marrow on the ratcheting strain of trabecular bone. So a series of tests were conducted for the rectangular(More)