Li-Lan Gao

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The biocompatibility, ultimate loading capacity and biodegradability of magnesium alloy make it an ideal candidate in biomedical fields. Fabrications of multilayered coatings carrying sodium alginate (ALG), chitosan (CHI) and mechano-growth factor (MGF) on fluoride-pretreated ZEK100 magnesium alloy have been obtained via layer by layer (LBL) to reduce the(More)
An optimized digital image correlation (DIC) technique was applied to investigate the depth-dependent mechanical properties of articular cartilage and simultaneously the depth-dependent nonlinear viscoelastic constitutive model of cartilage was proposed and validated. The creep tests were performed with different stress levels and it is found that the(More)
It is significant to investigate the depth-dependent mechanical behaviors of articular cartilage under rolling load since considerable rolling occurs for cartilage joint in activities of daily living. In this study, the rolling experiments of articular cartilage were conducted by applying an optimized digital image correlation (DIC) technique for the first(More)
The ratcheting deformation of articular cartilage can produce due to the repeated accumulations of compressive strain in cartilage. The aim of this study was to investigate the ratcheting behavior of articular cartilage under cyclic compression. A series of uniaxial cyclic compression tests were conducted for online soaked and unsoaked cartilage samples and(More)
Article history: Received 5 April 2016 Received in revised form 19 October 2016 Accepted 19 October 2016 Available online 25 October 2016 It iswell-known that chip-on-glass (COG) assemblyworking in the coastal areas is often subjected to the coupled effects of salt-spray corrosion, electrical current and cyclic mechanical loading in service. Therefore, the(More)
The unconfined compression and tension experiments of the intervertebral disc were conducted by applying an optimized digital image correlation technique, and the internal strain distribution was analysed for the disc. It was found that the axial strain values of different positions increased obviously with the increase in loads, while inner annulus(More)