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  • T. Kalman, Li Lai
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Nucleosides, nucleotides & nucleic acids
  • 1 April 2005
A combination of mechanism-based and structure-based design strategies led to the synthesis of a series of 5- and 6-substituted uracil derivatives as potential inhibitors of thymidineExpand
A Quantum Chemistry Study on the Mechanism of the Reaction Between NH and O_3
The mechanism of the reaction NH +O3→HNO +O2 has been studied by density functional theory (DFT) at the B3LYP method and 6 - 31+ +G** level. The geometries of reactants, transition states,Expand
Preparation and Performance of a De-tert-butyl-calix[8]arene-bonded Stationary Phase for HPLC
A calix[8]arene-bonded gel silica stationary phase(DCABS) was prepared by using coupling reagent(KH560). Its structure was characterized by FTIR, elemental analysis and thermal analysis. TheExpand
Theoretical Study on the Hydrogen Bond of NH_3·(H_2O)
Ab initio method has been employed to study hydrogen bond properties of NH 3·(H 2O)complexes, the bond energy and the bond length have been calculated at the DFT theory level for different basis setsExpand
Study of Interaction of p-(N,N′-Dimethylaminomethyl)-calix[8]arene with DNA Using Methylene Blue as Spectroscopic Probe
The interaction of water soluble p (N,N ′ dimethylaminomethyl)calix\arene(CX8) with calf thymus DNA has been studied by UV vis spectroscopy and fluorescence spectrophotometry using methylene blue(MB)Expand
Molecular Recognition Interaction of Perhydroxycucurbit[6]uril with p-Aminobenzenesulfonic Acid by Spectroscopic Methods
The inclusion interaction of perhydroxycucurbit[6]uril(HOCB6) with p-aminobenzene sulfonic acid(ABS) was studied by UV spectroscopic and fluorimetric methods.Several effect factors,such as the pHExpand
Preparation,Characterization and Bacteriostasis of Diallyl Trisulfide-bonded Silica Gel
The solid-liquid surface reaction method was employed for the preparation of diallyl trisulfide-bonded silica gel(DTS).The γ-mercaptopropyl-bonded silica gel(MPS) was firstly obtained with couplingExpand
Theoretical Study on Reaction Mechanism of Ethylene with Ozone
Ab initio MP2 method has been employed to study the Criegee reaction mechanism of ethylene with ozone at 6311++G** base sets level, to optimize the geometric configurations of reactants,Expand