Li Kaicheng

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A novel bonding partial SOI structure is described in this paper. The method of LPCVD plus epitaxy-growth bond polysilicon transition layer is proposed, and the structure is achieved. The completeness of this novel wafer structure is greater than 85%. The mean contact specific resistance of Si-Si direct bonding interface is less than 5 times 10<sup>-4</sup>(More)
In this study, a monolithic optoelectronic integrated circuit (OEIC), in which a photodiode detector and a bipolar integrated circuit for reception and amplification are integrated on the same silicon substrate, is described. With the new process technology, the layout of optical and electronic devices is designed, and the processes of optical and(More)
In this paper, the technology of MBE-based materials growth for high cutoff frequency (f/sub T/) SiGe HBTs was described. To grow a high-performance SiGe/Si hetero-junction multiple-structure, technologies such as the doping of secondary implantation (DSI), low-temperature doping, and antimony (Sb) surface pre-deposition, have been presented in the course(More)
In this paper, an analytical model of subthreshold swing for the double-gate accumulation-mode P-channel SOI MOSFET is described. The model is based on Poisson's equation and depletion approximation, and the relation of the subthreshold swing with both the gate oxide capacitance and the interface trap density is obtained. The model is verified by experiment(More)
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