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Chinese MODIS onboard ShenZhou-3 spacecraft (SZ-3/CMODIS)is the experiment instrument of next generation environmental and meteorological satellites. CMODIS can obtain the data of 30 bands in visible and near infrared region from the earth-atmosphere system. But the quantitative application of these data is limited by radiometric calibration The present(More)
MERSI is the keystone payload of FengYun-3 and there have been two sensors operating on-orbit since 2008. The on-orbit response changes obviously at reflective solar bands (RSBs) and must be effectively monitored and corrected. However MERSI can not realize the RSBs onboard absolute radiometric calibration. This paper presents a new vicarious calibration(More)
Power consumption is becoming a pressing issue in cache design. And SRAM (static random access memory) cells occupy a large area of the cache. Recent research shows that SRAM's power dissipation contributes to a key part of the whole chip power consumption. By using separate write and read operation, this paper presents a new 6T-SRAM cell structure of(More)
Accurate estimation of leaf water content (LWC) from remote sensing can assist in determining vegetation physiological status, and further has important implications for drought monitoring and fire risk evaluation. This paper focuses on retrieving LWC from canopy spectra of winter wheat measured with ASD FieldSpec Pro. The experimental plots were treated(More)
In this paper, an integrated 512KB SRAM architecture with low power circuit design is presented. An extra Z decoding circuit is introduced, which is combined with divided wordline/bitline scheme to reduce half-selected memory cells and thus dynamic power is decreased significantly. In circuit level, we utilize source biasing scheme to achieve leakage(More)
Gobi surface emissivity spectrum of Dunhuang radiometric calibration site of China is one of the key factors to calibrate the thermal infrared remote sensors using land surface. Based on the iterative spectrally smooth temperature/emissivity separation (ISSTES)algorithm, Dunhuang Gobi surface emissivity spectrum was measured using BOMEM MR154 Fourier(More)