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The C-terminal binding protein (CtBP) is a NADH-dependent transcriptional repressor that links carbohydrate metabolism to epigenetic regulation by recruiting diverse histone-modifying complexes to chromatin. Here global profiling of CtBP in breast cancer cells reveals that it drives epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition, stem cell pathways and genome(More)
The sequencing of the human genome led to many insights into gene organization and structure. One interesting observation was the high frequency of bidirectional promoters characterized by two protein encoding genes whose promoters are arranged in a divergent or "head-to-head" configuration with less than 2000 base pairs of intervening sequence.(More)
Though the linkages between germline mutations of BRCA1 and hereditary breast cancer are well known, recent evidence suggests that altered BRCA1 transcription may also contribute to sporadic forms of breast cancer. Here we show that BRCA1 expression is controlled by a dynamic equilibrium between transcriptional coactivators and co-repressors that govern(More)
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