Li-Juan Ye

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α-Amino acid ester hydrolases (AEHs) catalyze the synthesis of β-lactam antibiotics containing an α-amino group with decreased activity toward antibiotics with a p-hydroxyl group. The AEH gene from Xanthomonas rubrillineans was cloned and expressed in Escherichia coli. Based on the crystal structure of the AEH and cefprozil complex, 13 residues not directly(More)
Environmental problems have attracted increasing attention, yet individuals' connectedness to nature remains a significant concern for potential solutions to these problems. In this article, we propose a novel method to promote connectedness to nature: mindful learning. One hundred and thirty-four students participated in the experiment. First, baseline(More)
The influence of environmental attitudes on environmental behaviors has long been discussed. However, few studies have addressed the foundation of such attitudes. In the present study, we explored primitive belief underlying environmental attitudes, i.e., connections with nature, and its relationship with pro-environmental behaviors. Specifically, we used(More)
This paper reports the synthesis of a new bioactive complex, 8-hydroxyquinolinato-bis-(salicylato) yttrium (III) (HSAY), whose composition and structure were characterized by elemental analysis, IR spectra, thermogravimetric analysis, and X-ray diffraction. The power–time curves of the compounds HSAY, C7H6O3, C9H7NO, and YCl3·6H2O on the growth metabolism(More)
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