Li Jingzhong

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Propofol is one of the extensively commonly used intravenous anesthetic agents. Previous studies have indicated that propofol has the ability to influence the biological behavior of several human cancer cells. However, the effect of propofol on osteosarcoma and its related molecular mechanisms are still not clear. Here we found that propofol significantly(More)
The phenylalanine ammonia lyase (PAL) cDNA was amplified from Petroselinum crispum RNA by using the RT-PCR technique. The amplified 2.2 kb DNA fragment was sequenced and inserted into expression vector pET23b. The resulting plasmid pET23bPAL was then transformed into E. coli JM109DE3. The expressed PAL protein in JM109DE3 (pET23bPAL) accounted for more than(More)
To determine the frequency of p16 gene inactivation in leukemia cells, and to evaluate their value in the prediction of their clinical outcome. Bone marrow or peripheral blood samples from 48 patients with leukemia were examined by multiplex polymerase chain reaction (MPCR) to detect p16 gene homozygous deletion, and restriction enzyme PCR to detect p16(More)
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