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A novel low-power 2&#x2013;1&#x2013;1 cascade sigma delta (SD) modulator with single-bit quantizers for multi-standard wireless radio receivers is proposed in the paper. In order to reduce the power dissipation, the multirate technique is introduced. The multirate modulator decreases the sampling frequency of the 1<sup>st</sup> stage integrators which(More)
A reconfigurable cascade sigma delta modulator with single-bit quantizers for multi-mode zero-IF receivers has been presented on the system level. The modulator was based on single-bit quantizers and utilized feed-forward path to increase the dynamic range. The double-sampling technique was adopted to improve the over-sampling ratio (OSR) over a wide(More)
A new low power multimode switched-capacitor sigma delta modulator (SDM) architecture for wireless communication receivers is proposed in the paper. The proposed modulator uses a cascade 2-1-1 topology with single-bit quantizer for stability and inherent linear. The double-sampling SDM and multirate SDM are incorporated together to reduce the slewrate of(More)
This paper optimized the inventory of a multilevel distribution network with intermittent lead time extension resulting from disruptive transportation infrastructure damage because of regional weather and non-stationary demands. We proposed a hierarchical solution framework of a centralized inventory control policy to tackle with intermittent lead time(More)
Emotion is an important part of human intelligence. They can influence human behaviors and guide human to adapt to the environment. Integrating emotion into agent can enhance the authenticity and creditability of agent's behavior. This paper classifies emotion as cognitive emotion and reflex emotion. The generating mechanisms of these two emotions are(More)
A novel low-power multi-rate sigma delta modulator is proposed, which is capable to support a wide range of wireless communication standards. The modulator is based on the 2&#x2013;2 cascade single-bit architecture for good stability and linearity. The multi-rate technique is adopted to decrease the sampling frequency of the 1<sup>st</sup> stage integrators(More)
In this paper, the distribution of 210Po after high temperature processes in six units of coal-fired power plants (CFPs) were evaluated. The coal, bottom ashes, fly ashes from electrostatic precipitators (ESP), and flue gases from stacks were sampled from four CFPs and analyzed for 210Po contents. The results showed that 210Po was mainly captured by the(More)
A novel multirate double-sampling sigma delta modulator is proposed for the low power A/D converter for multi-standard wireless applications. A cascade 2-2 structure is designed for the modulator. The multirate technique reduces the sampling rate of the 1<sup>st</sup> stage integrator to relax the performance requirements of the operational(More)
A 2&#x2013;2 cascade multirate sigma delta modulator targeting for GSM/ Bluetooth/ GPS/ WCDMA/ WLAN/ WiMAX application is designed in this paper. According to the needs of the customers and desired Quality of Service, the proposed modulator should be a power and area efficient reconfigurable sigma delta modulator with variable bandwidth and dynamic range.(More)
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