Li Jie

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This paper introduces an intersection accident prediction model by applying BP neural network, which can well structure the corresponding function of intersection traffic conditions and accident form, and the paper trains and predicts the model with 197 intersection data, the test results show that the prediction accuracy can reach up to 89 percent. The(More)
Eye movements can be used to infer the allocation of covert attention. In this article, we propose to model the allocation of attention in a task-dependent manner based on different eye movement conditions, specifically fixation and pursuit. We show that the image complexity at eye fixation points during fixation, and the pursuit direction during pursuit(More)
Visual attention plays a critical role in game playing. A better understanding of the allocation of visual attention can benefit the design of game scenarios. In this paper we propose to design games in different difficulty levels based on the estimation of attention. We use eye movement information in an analysis of attention. Eye fixation and pursuit(More)
This paper aims at exploring the reliability model based on communication network that carries power grid control service information, it analyzes service type and feature of the power grid control information carried by electric power communication network and the communication network transmission requirements. It studies the method of abstracting(More)
This paper presents a stability analysis method for piecewise linear delta operator systems. Based on a piecewise Lyapunov function, the stability of the piecewise delta linear systems can be established if a piecewise Lyapunov function can be constructed. Moreover, the Lyapunov function can be obtained by solving a set of linear matrix inequalities (LMI).
One of solutions for kernel Fisher discriminants (KFDs) to solve the large-scale learning problems is that all the training samples in a class are covered by multiple hyperspheres one by one, and each sphere should include as many samples from the class as possible. In that way, the KFDs can be carried out in some relatively lower dimensional kernel space.(More)
A very promising direction in intelligent transportation system is the applications based on vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANET). VANET of a country is one of the most importation indicators of its economic growth. In this paper, we analysed the characteristics of VANET network topology using complex network theory. The author contribute VANET model, analyse(More)
The mathematical model of cushioning system is established on the basis of analyzing the structure and work characteristics of the impact roller. The assembly model of the whole machine was developed in UG software utilizing the multi-body dynamics theory and imported into ADAMS that is the integrated mechanical system simulation software. The simulation(More)