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POEMS syndrome is a rare clonal plasma cell disorder without standard treatment. Based on the efficacy and low toxicity of a combination of melphalan and dexamethasone (MDex) for light chain amyloidosis, we conducted a prospective study of MDex treatment for patients with newly diagnosed POEMS syndrome. Thirty-one patients (19 men) were enrolled and the(More)
This paper concerns two important techniques, characterization and property-preserving transformation , for verifying some basic properties of asymmetric choice Petri nets (AC nets). In the literature, a majority of the characterizations are for ordinary free choice nets. This paper presents many extended (from free choice nets) and new characterizations(More)
As more and more P2P applications being popular in Inter-net, one of important problem to be solved is inspiring users to cooperate each other actively and honestly, the reputation mechanism which is a hot spot for P2P research has been proposed to conquer it. Because of the characters of virtuality and anonymous in the network, it is very easy for users(More)
The reach ability tree for an unbounded net system is infinite. By using $\omega$ symbol to represent infinitely many markings, cover ability tree can provide a finite form. However, with too much information lost, it can not check properties such as reach ability, deadlock freedom, liveness, etc. In this paper, an improved reachability tree (IRT for short)(More)