Li Jia Wang

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The conventional distribution network is radial, and the protection scheme for the traditional distribution system is designed assuming that the system is radial. In recent years, with the increasing use of the distribution generations, the radial network will not maintain. Therefore, the coordination of the radial-network-based protection will not hold. It(More)
An improved online multiple instance learning (IMIL) for a visual tracking algorithm is proposed. In the IMIL algorithm, the importance of each instance contributing to a bag probability is with respect to their probabilities. A selection strategy based on an inner product is presented to choose weak classifier from a classifier pool, which avoids computing(More)
Recently, the studies about parallel image processing have been performed extensively. Many systems adopt the data parallel processing for their parallelizing strategies. In the data parallel processing strategy, input image data is divided into some fragments, and each fragment is processed on each processing element (PE). However, in this data parallel(More)
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