Li Ji Jun Nan

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The article presents a FPGA based novel embedded automobile data acquisition system, which records vehicle’s, environment’s and driver’s operation information intuitively. The data acquisition system is useful in the fields of traffic accident analyze and accident responsibility confirmation. The core of system is Altera’s(More)
Shoot pruning could cause short-term damages to vines. In response to damage, tyloses develop in shoot xylem vessels interfering free water and mineral transportation. In this study, the tylosis development at different nodes of the current-year and perennial shoots of sixty three-year-old grapevines (Vitis vinifera L.) after pruning was investigated. The(More)
This paper proposes a portable electrical impedance tomography telemedicine system which supports field diagnosis and electronic medical record building. The system includes portable client endpoint, cloud-based database and central server. In order to monitor and record user's long-term state of health, it establishes personal on-line medical record(More)
Thinning algorithm for fingerprint image based on directional images is studied deeply in this paper, and a high-efficiency improved algorithm come up. The method of labeled data is used in this paper. On the premise of ensuring the quality, the improved algorithm not only can accelerate the rate of thinning, but also extract the characteristic of the(More)
Under complicated conditions, it is necessary for environmental monitoring to design a wireless monitoring alarm system which can replace the wired system or as a supplement. The system discussed here bases on ARM7 microprocessor named LPC1114 and transceiver module named CC2530. With ZigBee, CSM/GPRS, this system uses multiple sensors to self-organized(More)
The newly proposed concept, the Regional Pattern for Ecological Security (RPES), provided an integrated strategy for implementing ecosystem restoration and biodiversity conservation at regional scale. Based on the concept and its theoretical basis, the designing principles and a preliminary method were put forward. With the method, the Regional Pattern for(More)
A large-scale intelligent environmental test chamber is designed, that has adjustable effective test volume of 0-30m<sup>3</sup>, in which the overall test experiments for harmful volatile gases from all kinds of furniture products can be achieved, and the problem of condensation of the large-scale environmental test chamber is solved. The reservation for a(More)
A five-fingered, multi-sensory and biomimetic prosthetic hand is presented in this paper. And the measurement and control system of HIT prosthetic hand based on the DSP and USB chip(ATmega32U2) is presented. The measurement and control system communicate with PC by USB bus, and the measurement and control system use the power supplied by USB electric cable.(More)
This article introduced a design principle and implementation method of ultra high-speed Time-to-Digital Converter(TDC). It described the system's composition in hardware and software view. The system is composed of serial-parallel converter MAX3953, high-speed clock generator AD9518, Spartan-6 series FPGA XC6LX100T and high-speed DDR3-SDRAM. Software(More)