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STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Different types of investments affect the formation of the alpha-case (alpha-case) layer on titanium castings. This alpha-case layer may possibly alter the mechanical properties of cast titanium, which may influence the fabrication of removable and fixed prostheses. The formation mechanism for the alpha-case layer is not clear. (More)
Ship-radiated noise recognition has always been a difficulty in naval warfare. The current recognition methods are applying power spectrum density estimation to underwater signal processing technology. But due to the complexity of the circumstances and disguiser's skillful designs, it usually fails to meet the need of mine warfare. Then we need to higher(More)
Shoot pruning could cause short-term damages to vines. In response to damage, tyloses develop in shoot xylem vessels interfering free water and mineral transportation. In this study, the tylosis development at different nodes of the current-year and perennial shoots of sixty three-year-old grapevines (Vitis vinifera L.) after pruning was investigated. The(More)
In order to solve the problem of underwater acoustic target detection and identification in the low-frequency, long-range, advantages of the vector hydrophone characteristics which measures three dimensional acoustic particle velocity vector, as well as the acoustic pressure at one location, are used to improved the acoustic pressure adaptive line spectrum(More)
Modal interval-valued data is one of the most important types of symbolic data and each unit of its matrix contains a histogram or a distribution function. In this paper, a new method through Principal Component Analysis of modal interval-valued data is discussed. This Principal Component Analysis (PCA) method aims to reduce the dimensions of a large(More)
Analysis the change rules and distribution of microclimate that in greenhouse such as temperature, humidity and earth temperature under different weather types in winter and spring, using the observed data in the cucumber greenhouse which seated in Shandong provincial Shouguang from 2007 to 2010. Using statistical method to choose the factors for forecast(More)
Macroor micro-porous chitosan membranes have been utilized as adsorptive membrane for the removal of metal ions, organic macromolecules or bioseparation of protein mixtures. The removal or separation mechanism is not based on physical size retention but based on the high adsorption capability of chitosan to the target solutes. For this purpose, it is(More)
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