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The Degree-Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree (dMST) problem attempts to find a minimum spanning tree with an added constraint that no nodes in the tree have a degree larger than a specified integer d. It is known that computing the d-MST is NP-hard for every d in the range 2 ≤ d ≤ (n − 2), where n denotes the total number of nodes. Several approximate(More)
The heap is a very fundamental data structure used in many application programs as well as in system software. In this paper, we propose a heap traversal algorithm which visits the nodes of a binary heap in ascending order of the key values stored in the nodes. We demonstrate two implementations of the heap traversal algorithm, using a binary search tree or(More)
Clustering is among the oldest techniques used in data mining applications. Typical implementations of the hierarchical agglomerative clustering methods (HACM) require an amount of O(N)-space when there are N data objects, making such algorithms impractical for problems involving large datasets. The well-known clustering algorithm RNN-CLINK requires only(More)
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