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This letter addresses the problem of analyzing spatio-temporal patterns for action recognition. In this letter we organize the whole training set in a single tensor, with each mode indicating one factor which influences the result of recognition, e.g., various view points. A novel method is proposed for tensor decomposition by discriminant analysis of(More)
In passive radars, coherent integration is an essential method to achieve processing gain for target detection. The cross ambiguity function (CAF) and the method based on matched filtering are the most common approaches. The method based on matched filtering is an approximation to CAF and the procedure is: (1) divide the signal into snapshots; (2) perform(More)
Multistatic passive radar systems provide higher positioning accuracy comparing with the bistatic ones. However, the positioning performance of the multistatic passive radar systems is largely dependent on the geometry. Especially, it is difficult to designate transmitters from the given ones in a single frequency network (SFN) based passive radar system.(More)
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