Li Hua Xie

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Radiotherapy is one of the main strategies for cancer treatment but has significant challenges, such as cancer cell resistance and radiation damage to normal tissue. Radiosensitizers that selectively increase the susceptibility of cancer cells to radiation can enhance the effectiveness of radiotherapy. We report here the development of a novel(More)
Near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIRS) has been used to predict the cooking quality parameters of rice, such as the protein (PC) and amylose content (AC). Using brown and milled flours from 519 rice samples representing a wide range of grain qualities, this study was to compare the calibration models generated by different mathematical, preprocessing(More)
Rice vermicelli is a main food consumed in China and Southeast Asia. Quality of rice vermicelli varies with rice cultivars. Parameters including amylose content, amylopectin distribution, thermal and pasting characteristics, gel texture and starch granules of three rice cultivars "Zhongjiazao 17", "Xiangzaoxian 24" and "Thai Jasmine Rice", were studied for(More)
The cadmium (Cd) and lead (Pb) content in both white and wholemeal flour milled from 110 leading rice cultivars was assessed. The white flour Cd content ranged from <0.0025 to 0.2530mg/kg (geometric mean (GM)=0.0150mg/kg), while its Pb content ranged from <0.0250 to 0.3830mg/kg (GM=0.0210mg/kg). The indica types took up higher amounts of Cd and Pb than did(More)
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