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Fig pollinating wasps form obligate symbioses with their fig hosts. This mutualism arose approximately 75 million years ago. Unlike many other intimate symbioses, which involve vertical transmission of symbionts to host offspring, female fig wasps fly great distances to transfer horizontally between hosts. In contrast, male wasps are wingless and cannot(More)
By using Granier' s thermal dissipation probe, the sap flow of poplar in a poplar-maize agroforestry system in west Liaoning was continuously measured, and as well, the environmental factors such as air temperature, air humidity, net radiation, wind speed, soil temperature, and soil moisture content were synchronically measured. Based on the sap flow data,(More)
Today, workflow based software model has become mainstream to many application system developments. However, in most of these applications, their workflow procedures are fixed in their source code, this is not only restricts to the enterprises changing their working procedures to adapting the market requirements, but also limits the dynamic changes,(More)
Today, how do online shopping system providers capturing customers interesting information and web surfer habits is a critical factor to affect their business running. Another problem is that their online systems scalability is not good enough and cannot be easily customized to user personnel requirements. Here, by research on software bus, XML, workflow(More)
To date, biologists have discovered a large amount of valuable information from assembled genomes, but the abundant microbial data that is hidden in the raw genomic sequence data of plants and animals is usually ignored. In this study, the richness and composition of fungal community were determined in the raw genomic sequence data of Ceratosolen solmsi(More)
Fig wasps exhibit extreme intraspecific morphological divergence in the wings, compound eyes, antennae, body color, and size. Corresponding to this, behaviors and lifestyles between two sexes are also different: females can emerge from fig and fly to other fig tree to oviposit and pollinate, while males live inside fig for all their lifetime. Genetic(More)
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