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The morphological assessment of oocytes is important for embryologists to identify and select MII oocytes in IVF/ICSI cycles. Dysmorphism of oocytes decreases viability and the developmental potential of oocytes as well as the clinical pregnancy rate. Several reports have suggested that oocytes with a dark zona pellucida (DZP) correlate with the outcome of(More)
BACKGROUND Before human MII oocytes are vitrified they are usually denuded from their cumulus cells. In this study we wanted to investigate the effects of an intact corona radiata on the vitrification and fertilization of human oocytes. METHODS The study comprised two different parts. In Part 1, 36 MII stage oocytes, from 6 patients, were randomly(More)
BACKGROUND Several types of T cells have been associated with the pathogenesis of unexplained recurrent spontaneous abortion (URSA), including Th1/Th2/Th17/Tregs cell. It has been appreciated that immunotherapy with paternal or third party lymphocytes is an effective method of treatment for URSA patients. The balance of Th1/Th2 cells could be maintained and(More)
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