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(1999). Directional acoustic radiation in the strut display of male sage grouse Centrocercus urophasianus. Maps of the somata of efferent neurones with axons in the lateral nerves of locust abdominal ganglia. Evolutionary and acclimation-induced variation in the heat-shock responses of congeneric marine snails (genus Tegula) from different thermal habitats:(More)
— In 2000, Hwang and Li proposed a new remote user authentication scheme using smart cards. Chan and Chang showed that the masquerade attack is successful on this scheme. Recently Shen, Lin and Hwang pointed out a different type of attack on this scheme and presented a modified scheme to remove these defects.. Further in 2003, Leung et al showed that this(More)
RATIONALE Prepulse inhibition (PPI) of the startle reflex occurs when brief, non-startling tactile, acoustic or visual stimuli are presented 20-500 ms before the startling stimulus. OBJECTIVE To review information about PPI-mediating brain stem circuits and transmitters, and their functions. RESULTS Midbrain systems are most critical for the fast relay(More)
ATP-sensitive potassium ("KATP") channels are rapidly inhibited by intracellular ATP. This inhibition plays a crucial role in the coupling of electrical activity to energy metabolism in a variety of cells. The KATP channel is formed from four each of a sulfonylurea receptor (SUR) regulatory subunit and an inwardly rectifying potassium (Kir6.2) pore-forming(More)
Calcium plays a critical part in the regulation of cell growth, and growth factors stimulate calcium entry into cells through calcium-permeable channels. However, the molecular nature and regulation of calcium-permeable channels are still unclear at present. Here we report the molecular characterization of a calcium-permeable cation channel that is(More)
Programmed cell death (apoptosis) is a tightly regulated process of cell disassembly in which dying cells and their nuclei shrink and fragment and the chromosomal DNA is degraded into internucleosomal repeats. Here we report the characterization of the cps-6 gene, which appears to function downstream of, or in parallel to, the cell-death protease CED-3 of(More)
Synapsin I has been proposed to be involved in the modulation of neurotransmitter release by controlling the availability of synaptic vesicles for exocytosis. To further understand the role of synapsin I in the function of adult nerve terminals, we studied synapsin I-deficient mice generated by homologous recombination. The organization of synaptic vesicles(More)
The nicotinic acetylcholine receptor is the prototype ligand-gated ion channel. A number of aromatic amino acids have been identified as contributing to the agonist binding site, suggesting that cation-pi interactions may be involved in binding the quaternary ammonium group of the agonist, acetylcholine. Here we show a compelling correlation between: (i) ab(More)
Experimental lesions have been used widely to induce motoneuron (MN) degeneration as a model to test the ability of different trophic molecules to prevent lesion-induced alterations. However, the morphological mechanisms of spinal MN death following different types of lesions is not clear at the present time. In this study, we have characterized the(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of cornel iridoid glycoside (CIG), an ingredient extracted from a traditional Chinese herb Cornus officinalis, on neurological function and neurogenesis after ischemic stroke. CIG was intragastrically administered to rats in doses of 20, 60 and 180 mg/kg/day, starting 3 h after the onset of middle(More)