Li-Hsun Chen

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Recommended by Bernhard Wess Advances in nanoelectronic fabrication have enabled integrated circuits to operate at a high frequency. The finite impulse response (FIR) filter needs only to meet real-time demand. Accordingly, increasing the FIR architecture's folding number can compensate the high-frequency operation and reduce the hardware complexity, while(More)
An efficient palladium-catalyzed strategy through C–H bond activation for the synthesis of 2(2 $$^{\prime }$$ ′ -biphenyl)-benzimidazoles is reported herein. The regioselective C–C bond formation proceeds in a sealed tube via oxidative C–H activation of ortho-directed 2-aryl-benzimidazole to couple with various iodobenzene analogs in high yields. This(More)
Based on the radix-4 Booth algorithm, a scheme that integrates tap folding and coefficient folding is proposed to design a programmable finite impulse response (FIR) architecture with low power dissipation. In addition, without increasing hardware complexity and degrading computational performance, the effective selection on input data is realized to lower(More)
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