Li-Hsun Chang

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Breast cancer metastasis is more resistant to chemotherapy and radiotherapy than is cancer of the visceral tissues; therefore, new treatment strategies are urgently needed. Moscatilin, derived from the orchid Dendrobrium loddigesii, has shown anticancer activity. We evaluated the mechanism by which moscatilin suppresses the migration and metastasis of human(More)
Aciculatin, a natural compound extracted from the medicinal herb Chrysopogon aciculatus, shows potent anti-cancer potency. This study is the first to prove that aciculatin induces cell death in human cancer cells and HCT116 mouse xenografts due to G1 arrest and subsequent apoptosis. The primary reason for cell cycle arrest and cell death was p53(More)
Developing new anticancer agents against ovarian cancer is an urgent medical need. MPT0G066, a novel synthetic arylsulfonamide compound, was shown to inhibit cell growth and decrease viability in human ovarian cancer cells. MPT0G066 induced arrest of the cell cycle at the multipolyploidy (MP) phase in SKOV3 and at the G2/M phase in A2780 cells, while(More)
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