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OBJECTIVE To assess the effectiveness of a three-stage intervention to reduce caesarean deliveries in a Chinese tertiary hospital. METHODS A retrospective study was conducted to assess whether educating staff, educating patients and auditing surgeon practices (introduced in 2005) had reduced caesarean delivery rates. Multiple logistic regression was used(More)
Understanding of attributes of UML class diagram can be influenced by various factors. Semantic annotation for attributes can help model users understand their meaning precisely. As a result, services provided by the models can be better applied in the data processing tasks of the users. This paper proposes a method of semantic annotation of UML class(More)
The major source of endogenous hydrogen peroxide is generally thought to be the respiratory chain of bacteria and mitochondria. In our previous works, mesosome structure was induced in cells during rifampicin effect, and the mesosome formation is always accompanied by excess hydrogen peroxide accumulation in bacterial cells. However, the underlying(More)
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