Li-Hong Xu

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The quantum solid para-hydrogen (p-H2) has recently proven useful in matrix isolation spectroscopy. Spectral lines of compounds embedded in this host are unusually narrow, and several species have been reported to rotate in p-H2. We found that a p-H2 matrix inhibits rotation of isolated methanol (CH3OH) but still allows internal rotation about the C-O bond,(More)
Infrared spectra of jet-cooled CH(3)OD and CH(3)OH in the CH stretch region are observed by coherence-converted population transfer Fourier transform microwave-infrared (CCPT-FTMW-IR) spectroscopy (E torsional species only) and by slit-jet single resonance spectroscopy (both A and E torsional species, CH(3)OH only). Twagirayezu et al. reported the analysis(More)
A new technique for high resolution photoacoustic detection based on application of laser diodes has been developed. This method was tested and compared using identical photoacoustic instrumentation (cell and microphone) to study gas absorption in three different spectral regions, namely: the infrared range near 2100 cm(-1), CO and OCS fundamental band(More)
The 6.7 and 12.2 GHz masers, corresponding to the 5(1) → 6(0)A+ and 2(0) → 3(-1)E transitions in methanol (CH3OH), respectively, are among the brightest radio objects in the sky. We present calculations for the sensitivity of these and other transitions in the ground state of methanol to a variation of the proton-to-electron mass ratio. We show that the(More)
The high-resolution infrared spectrum of methylamine (CH3NH2) has been recorded using slit-jet direct absorption spectroscopy in the ν11 CH-stretch region (2965-3005 cm(-1)) with a resolution of 0.0025 cm(-1). The 621 lines assigned by ground state combination differences represent 27 substates with |K(')| ≤ 2 for the A, B, E1, and E2 symmetries. The(More)
We report saturation dip spectroscopy in the C-N stretching band of CH(3)NH(2) with a resolution of 0.4 MHz and an accuracy of 0.1 MHz by use of a CO(2)-laser/microwave-sideband spectrometer. The wide tunability, Lamb-dip resolution, absolute frequency accuracy, and high sensitivity of our dual-mode instrument were all key features in making precise(More)
Anxi County is located in the northwestern part of the Hexi Corridor in Gansu Province and has the sole national level nature reserve of extremely-arid desert in China. Phytosociological methods (Braun-Blanquet, 1964) are used to classify plant community types in this area. Eleven are distinguished, including six of deserts, four of cases and one(More)
Torsion-rotation transitions in molecules exhibiting hindered internal rotation possess enhanced sensitivities to a variation of the proton-to-electron mass ratio. This enhancement occurs due to a cancellation of energies associated with the torsional and rotational degrees of freedom of the molecule. This effect occurs generally in every internal rotor(More)