Li Heng

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Cataract formation may be an indicator of early siderosis and has been associated with intralenticular foreign bodies. We report a unique case of histopathologically proven lens siderosis in a young man with a preceding history of trauma but no signs of retained intraocular foreign body. He presented with a total white cataract with brownish deposits on(More)
OBJECTIVE To understand the morphology and anatomical data of the temporal bone of tree shrews through micro-computed tomography (micro-CT) and microdissection. METHODS Skull specimens from 10 tree shrews were scanned using micro-CT examination. The acquired images were used for three-dimensional reconstruction and measurement using the Mimics 10.01(More)
The Chernobyl nuclear accident made Europe and even the whole world clearly aware of the threats posed by nuclear accidents. When the Fukushima nuclear accident happened in Japan, the " Rush for Salt Affair " took place in some Chinese cities. Meanwhile, large numbers of anti-nuclear parades were held in many Western countries, such as Germany and the(More)
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